Play chords and rhythms to the songs you choose. Learn correct fingerings and short cuts to playing better. With over 30 years experience playing and teaching, we have a wealth of knowledge to share. We bring a professional approach to all our lessons. 


Learn the techniques to understand guitar basics. Know your open strings names and numbers. 

Learn the basic chords you need to play the songs you like. Understand how harmony works and what keys are.

Learn basic strumming patterns and advanced rhythms. We help you play the rhythms in the songs you like.

We can help you to work out the arrangements to songs  you choose. Build your own repertoire and achieve your goals. 


$30 – per 1/2 hour weekly


$60 – per hour fortnightly

prices include gst


Come to our studio in

Mount Gambier

or we offer the service of

coming to you in the comfort

of your own home.




Phone 0404152098


[email protected]


Online Guitar Lessons


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